CTS 900V Neo

CTS 900V Neo


The CTS 900V is one of the most popular and widely sold models worldwide. The CTS 900V Neo is the latest and most advanced model in the series.

-As compact as 3.6 kg

-10.4-inch high resolution LCD monitor

-Built-in battery for 2-hour operating time

-Display mode includes B, 2B, 4B, M and B/M mode

-B mode cine loop playback up to 256 frames

-4G CF card for image and cine storage

-Probes with five frequency variation


IP One-key Optimization
One key of eight groups of optimization parameter adjustment and each optimization group has up to 14 parameter for adjusting, easy to achieve optimized images.

Flexible Storage Media Option Storage
Media: Hard disk, USB disk and DICOM.
Storage formats: BMP, JPG, AVI and CIN.

Auto Freeze Function
Time can be set to freeze probes automatically, extending service life of probes.

Complete Reproductive Measurement Software
Equine, bovine, ovine, canine, feline and primate.

External Dual Probe Connectors