Apogee 3500V

Apogee 3500V


Top quality comprehensive shared services veterinary ultrasound:

Excellent image quality for veterinarians in all practices

-Ergonomic-design with touch screen

-Imaging modes including B mode, CFM, CPA, PWD, CW, TDI and Color M-mode

-Multiple functions including Extended Imaging, Compound Imaging and Panoramic Imaging

-Complete application including abdomen, reproductive system, cardiology, etc

-High frequency phased-array probe and ECG module for cardiology solution

-User-programmable presetting for different kinds of animals and applications

-Powerful data management including report, hard disk, DICOM 3.0, USB ports and DVD-RW


Touch screen control
By operating the color touch screen, veterinarians can fully understand the current operation flow at a glance and achieve their exams quickly.

Spectrum Compound Imaging
The system both emits and receives in variety of frequency ranges, to guarantee both resolution in the near field and penetration in the far field.

Broadband Harmonic Imaging
The system successfully achieves both high penetration and spatial resolution in Harmonic mode by compounding harmonic echoes.

Built-in ECG Module
The ECG module assists identification of different time phases in the cardiac cycle for accurate diagnosis.