Apogee 1200V

Apogee 1200V


Excellent features for various demands:

-15-inch high resolution monitor for comfortable viewing

-Various color modes including CFM, CPA,PWD, CWD, TDI and Color M-mode

-Advanced processing Speckle Reduction, Color Enhancement and Compound Imaging

-Complete application including abdomen, reproductive system, cardiology, etc

-High frequency phased-array probe and ECG module for cardiology solution

-Powerful data management including report, large capacity hard disk, DICOM 3.0 and USB ports


Spectrum Compound Imaging
The system both emits and receives in variety of frequency range, to guarantee both resolution in the near field and penetration in the far field.

Broadband Harmonic Imaging
The system has successfully achieved both high penetration and spatial resolution in the Harmonic mode by compounding harmonic echoes.

Built-in ECG Module
The ECG module assists identification of different time phases in the cardiac cycle for accurate diagnosis.

Battery (Optional)