Apogee 5300V Neo

Ultrasound Range

The models shown are selected for the Australian and New Zealand markets.
Other models in the extensive SIUI range are available on application.


MFI: By reducing signal distortion and eliminating unwanted noises, it renders premium images with outstanding resolution high contrast and enhances penetration.

XBeam: The system is able to multiply receive and process scanning lines of images from each element, which largely increases the frame rate of images in B mode and 4D mode.

Fusion Tissue Harmonic (Fusion THI): Real-time fusing the information from different frequency bands, Fusion THI implements the broadband transmission and reception of harmonic waves.

Nanoview: By reducing noises and artifacts, Nanoview is able to present tiny lesions in soften images with distinct tissues and enhanced edge.

User-friendly design: 18.5 inch medical LCD monitor, 10.4 inch touch screen, detachable heating cup for gel, powerful data management (report, hard disk, DICOM 3.0, USB ports and DVD-RW)


Imaging modes: B mode, CFM, CPA, PWD, CWD, TDI ect.

Various probes for Comprehensive application: micoconvex probe, convex probe, linear probe, linear rectal probe, phased array probe etc.

Complete application: abdomen, reproductive systems, cardiology etc.