Apogee 1000 Neo

Ultrasound Range

The models shown are selected for the Australian and New Zealand markets.
Other models in the extensive SIUI range are available on application.


The Apogee 1000 Neo is part of SIUI's premium new Ultracloud range and is one of industry's most advanced level color Doppler laptops and ideal for shared services within multiple clinical settings

The Apogee 1000 Neo is a smart budget choice with big benefits

Cloud Backup

  • Save exam modes/parameters on the shared server
  • Share preferred parameter with another system
  • Off-line access to patient record

Cloud maintenance

  • Seek for solutions when system breaks down
  • Realtime system upgrade after downloading

Cloud Teaching

  • Adjust your parameter to obtain optimal images
  • Use the scanning technique to acquire a standard section
  • Quickly reach to specific item to obtain the calculation result

Cloud Communication

  • Share special cases with other users
  • Discuss technical issues with other users

Cloud Information

  • Access to industry information and academic information
  • Cloud Diagnosis
  • Seek help from experts for diagnosis problems

Excellent images upheld by superb technology enhance diagnostic accuracy and confidence.

Macro Fidelity (MFI)

With the MFI technology, Apogee 1000 effectively makes up the spatial resolution gap caused by discrete signals and enhances filtering accuracy. By reducing signal distortion and eliminating unwanted noises, it renders premium images with outstanding resolution, high contrast and enhanced penetration.

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  • MFI1
  • MFI2


VS-Flow collects the valid vector information from Doppler signals by frequency modulation. It enables high sensitivity of capillary vessels with extraordinary resolution.

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Innovative and comprehensive diagnostic tools strongly support diagnosis efficiency.

TDI(Tissue Doppler Imaging)

TDI helps to assess the directional and temporal phase of cardiac, so as to display the movement state of vascular wall and the movement speed of heart.

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  • TDI

Simpson Auto Tracing

With three-point fix, the measurement saves your time and effort to obtain the information of cardiac function by automatically tracing the endocardium (fine-tuning available).

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  • SAT1
  • SAT2


PISA serves as an important basis to regurgitation severity assessment. With PISA, Apogee 1000 easily calculates regurgitation flow caused by cardiac valve disease, which provides significant evidence for clinical diagnosis.

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  • PISA1
  • PISA2
  • PISA3


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  • 1_092111010QE7
  • 1_0R314355b922
  • 1_0R314355cR8
  • 1_0R31436002V8
  • 1_0R31436006008
  • 1_0R31436006255
  • 1_0R31436011535
  • 1_0R31436014946