UltraCloud Series


UltraCloud Series


The UltraCloud series introduces brand new engineering features. These include:

  • MFI - Macro Fidelity - Reduces signal distortion and noise, improves penetration and spatial resolution
  • VS Flow - Based on Micro Flow, VS Flow collects vector information from Doppler signals by frequency modulation. Enables high sensitivity of capillary vessels with extraordinary resolution
  • 4D Pro - Lifelike imaging, Improved sense of reality, Independent rotation of 4D objects/Q cut/Any slice/n slice/spatial enhancement/4D auto fit/sub pixel 4D imaging. Multi slice imaging and one step to finish scanning, saves scanning time and shortens scanning period. Simple and quick NT measurements in single multislice scan 
  • Nanoview - Improves imaging of tiny lesions. Softens the image, improves tissue contrast, sharpens tissue boundaries, reduces noise and artifacts
  • Foco Tracing - Higher accuracy focusing and aperture control minimizes side lobes artifacts and noise, producing more balanced imaging in both near and far fields 
  • Fusion Frequency - Merges frequency information eliminating noise in sub frequencies. By fusing low and high frequency signals it gives depth independent resolution for near perfect images while maintaining high frame rates
  • Fusion THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging) - Fuses information from different frequency bands and implements broadband transmission and reception of harmonic waves for enhanced resoultion and penetration
  • TDI - Tissue Doppler imaging helps access direction and temporal phase of cardiac imaging so as to display the movement and state of vascular wall and movement and speed of the heart
  • Simpson Auto Tracing - Saves time and effort by tracing the endocardium
  • PISA - Calculates regurgitation flow caused by cardiac valve disease
  • And more......


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Apogee 1000 - Portable wisdom to facilitate your diagnosis

Apogee 5500 - Graceful and intelligent, redefine the standard

Apogee 5800 - Magnificent and Brilliant, choice for genius