eZono 3000

Point-of-Care Ultrasound 

For Anaesthetists, Pain management, Emergency care and a growing number of other applications

eZono 3000


Portable and robust

Easy & sterile use via touch screen

Outstanding Image Quality and Ease of Use
-B and M-Mode, Color & Power Doppler
-Image & Video storage to Hard Disk or USB
-Easy & sterile use via touch screen
-Perfect images every time in Auto brightness mode that require no gain control adjustments by the users allowing them to simply "get on with the job" at hand
-Simple SWIPE gestures on the touch screen for instant depth display and contrast adjustment
-Long and flexible probe cables that allow for easy working around sterile fields

Patented Cue Cards
A multimedia and workflow tool that accelerates the learning curve for applications
Nerve Blocks e.g.
Plexus Brachialis
Sciatic Nerve
Epidural & Spinal
Rescue Blocks
Vascular access
MSK and many more...

Emergency Procedures
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
Pleural Examination

-Weight: 4,4kg
-Dimensions: 32,4cm x 28,2cm x 9,3cm
-8 GB internal memory
-26,4cm diagonal LCD touch screen (24bit, 60 million colors)
-Digital broadband architecture
-2x USB 2.0 ports, 1 Express Card port, built-in microphone

eZono 3000 Angle Shots


The eZono 3000  is equally at home in large University hospitals yet affordable also for even small regional hospitals

The Power of Software
The technology behind the eZono 3000 is designed completely new from the ground up. At its core it uses a highly flexible hardware platform combined with a powerful processing platform.

Making standard components flexible
eZono uses the latest generation of processors and graphics technology which can also be found large telecom equipment and the latest game consoles in order to process vast amounts of data in real-time. The use of standard components brought together with algorithms and firmware allows eZono to generate state-of-the-art ultrasound images at competitive pricing.

Exclusive to the eZono 3000™, the user can choose the image style they prefer

eZono 3000 Raw Images
RAW Image processing with least processing for most sonographic detail.
SHARP Classical radiology: Image processing delivering a more classical, high grey image.
AUTO (default): A special image processing technique that optimizes the image brightness such that 
the image requires no gain adjustments by the user.
CONTRAST: A special image processing technique to enhance edges and tissue textures.

-Proprietary operating system
-Less then 10 secs startup time for instant availability
-Icon-based graphical user interface via touch screen

-Upgrades via USB from   for continuous improvement throughout its life time

-Store up to 30,00 images or 30 minutes of continuous video



Linear Probe  8LA SC 6-10 MHz

Linear Probe
8LA SC 6-10 MHz

Linear Probe  12LA 7-15 MHz

Linear Probe
12LA 7-15 MHz

Convex Probe  30CL60 2-5 MHz

Convex Probe
30CL60 2-5 MHz

Microconvex Probe 35CLA20 3-5 MHz

Microconvex Probe
35CLA20 3-5 MHz



eZono 3000 Bag

eZono 3000 Bag

eZono Design Cart

eZono Design Cart

eZono Flexible Cart

eZono Flexible Cart