Apogee 3500 Touch

Apogee 3500 Touch


 Progressive Imaging technology 

- Multi-beam Forming Technology
- Wideband-beam Emission Technology
- Nanoview: Adaptive Speckle Reduction Technology
- XBeam: Spatial Compound Imaging

Unexpected Ultrasound Experience 

- Ultrasound Solutions for Women’s Health
* Smart Elastography for Breast Exams

* 4D Lite: advanced 4D experience in OB/GYN

- Panoscope: LIVE Panoramic Imaging

- Penetration Exam Mode

- SonoAir: Wireless image transmission (to iPad/iPhone/wireless printer)

- Excellent Diagnosis Facility
18.5’’ high resolution medical LCD
8.4” touch screen for smart operation
4 active probe connectors


Wideband-beam Emission Technology
With light and weighted focus’s help to transmit wide and equal beams, this technology largely eliminates artifacts and guarantees high resolution both near and far fields.

The system can automatically track, identify and enhance useful tissue-characteristic information, which aims at reducing noise and artifacts, purifying tissue shading and edging, improving contrast resolution and helping early identification of tissue/structure lesion.

Smart Elastography for Breast Exams
The system supports linear probes with elastography images to visualize the stiffness of tissues in real time by delivering an external compression on the tissues. With the smart Elastography developed by SIUI, the doctors can feel more convinced in early detection of breast cancer.

4D Lite
The system supports both abdominal and transvaginal volumetric probes to realize 3D/4D imaging in OB/GYN application, providing more detailed and complete volumetric information to assist the observation and diagnosis of fetus wellness and uterus health.

Penetration Exam Mode
This function is specially designed for large patients with particular parts like abdomen (PEN), small part (PEN), urology (PEN) and vascular for choices.

This function offers doctor’s mobile working in hospitals and clinics. Doctors can access the on-scan images via iPad/iPhone or wireless printer even if he/she is away from the ultrasound system.