Apogee 1200 Touch

Apogee 1200 Touch

Apogee 1200 Touch


Marvelous Imaging Technology

The Apogee 1200 Touch now includes several new technology advances from SIUI's UltraCloud series making it better than ever and definitively one of the best premium performance colour doppler portables in the market while maintaining reasonable pricing and affordability. Also gaining on the 4D market the new Apogee 1200 Touch includes advanced new technologies such as:

- Macro Fidelity (MFI) rendering premium images with outstanding resolution, high contrast and enhanced penetration

- Nanoview further reducing noise and artifacts presenting tiny lesions with softer images and edge enhancement

- VS-Flow enabling high sensitivity imaging of capillary vessels with extraordinary resolution

- FusionFreq, Fusion THI, Smart GSC, Microflow, TDI (Tissue Doppler Imaging), ECG, Anatomical M-mode and Microflow
- Multi-beam Forming Technology
- Wideband-beam Emission Technology
- XBeam: Spatial Compound Imaging
- Foco Tracing: Accurate focuses greatly increase image resolutionCR-11 cart with 4 probe connector

Intelligent Clinical Solutions

-Smart Elastography for Breast Exams

- 4D Lite and 4D Pro: advanced 4D experience in OB/GYN

* Multiple volumetric probes options
* Multiple 4D imaging mode
* Trans-vaginal volumetric imaging in gynecology

- Panoscope: LIVE Panoramic Imaging

- Auto-Fit: Intelligent Optimization

- Auto IMT (Intima-Media Thickness) Measurement

- Continues wave Doppler for cardiovascular solution

- SonoAir: Wireless image transmission
- Smart Compact Facility
* 15” high resolution medical LCD
* Integration with smart trolley for mobile use (optional)


Multi-beam Forming Technology
This technology can multiply receive and process scanning lines of images from each element, which largely increases the frame rate of images in B mode and 4D mode and contributes to outstanding cardiac performance.

Extending wider view for doctors to scan large area tissue, the system particularly allows doctors to monitor the scanning quality via simultaneous display of B mode/ Panoramic mode. In addition, when operating this function, doctors can erase the previous image area and continue to generate better panoramic image.

With only one button clicking, the system helps doctors to achieve a reasonable good image in B mode and pulsed wave Doppler mode, largely increasing the diagnosis efficiency.

Auto IMT (Intima-Media Thickness) Measurement
The system automatically helps measure the Intima-Media Thickness of the carotid artery wall, so as to evaluate cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension diabetes.

4D Lite

The system supports abdominal volumetric probes (resolution priority/penetration priority) as well as transvaginal volumetric probe, to obtain 3D/4D image both in obstetrics and gynecology application, providing more detailed and complete volumetric information with multi-rendering modes, to assist the observation and diagnosis of fetus wellness and uterus health.

4D Pro

New user interface
New 4D imaging algorithm
Sub-pixel 4D imaging processing technology for improved more lifelike images
Independent rotating 4D object for more intuitive rotation and curtting
QCut for easier removal of overlapping structures with tangent line
Any Cut for improved removal of covering tissue
n Slice real time comparison of multi slices
Nuchal Translucency measurement simple and quick with all slices displayed completely

This function offers doctor’s mobile working in hospitals and clinics. Doctors can access the on-scan images via iPad/iPhone or wireless printer even if he/she is away from the ultrasound system.


Clinical Images 

  • Cord-around-neck-1
  • Early-pregnancy-Color-mode-
  • Fetal-head
  • Fetal-spine
  • Hyperthyroidism-Color-mode
  • Hyperthyroidism-PW-mode
  • Iliac-blood-vessel-B-mode
  • Kidney-CPA-mode
  • Kidney-color-mode-1
  • Liver
  • Lower-Limbs-Vein-Color-mode
  • Mammary-nodule-PW-mode

4D Pro Gallery

  • 12-weeks--2
  • 12-weeks-1
  • 12-weeks-3
  • 18-weeks-1
  • 18-weeks-2
  • 18-weeks-3
  • 22-weeks
  • 28-weeks
  • 30-weeks
  • 32-weeks-1
  • 33-weeks-1
  • 33-weeks-2
  • 33-weeks-3
  • 33-weeks-4
  • 33-weeks-5
  • 33-weeks-6
  • 36-weeks
  • 6-weeks
  • Boy-1
  • Boy-2
  • Finger
  • Spine-1
  • Spine-2
  • Spine-3
  • Spine-4
  • Spine-5
  • Spine-6
  • Spine-7
  • Spine-8
  • Spine-9
  • Spine-9a
  • Spine-9b
  • nSlice----central
  • nSlice-Eyes-Distance
  • nSlice-NT-measurement-1
  • nSlice-NT-measurement-2
  • nSlice-Nose-and-upper-Lip-2
  • nSlice-Nose-and-upper-Lip-3
  • nSlice-Nose-and-upper-Lip

Elastography Gallery

  • 1
  • 2
  • Breast-Cancer-01
  • Breast-Cancer-02
  • Breast-Cancer-03
  • Breast-Cancer-04
  • Breast-Cancer-05
  • Breast-Scan
  • Tissue-01
  • Tissue-02